TOP 3 Warships Used In War

Sea vehicles are also known as warship they are built primarily for naval warfare. They are designed in a way they can withstand damage and move fast and easy to maneuver than merchant ships. They carry only weapons, ammunition and supplies for the navy. Below is a list of the top three warships that are being used currently in today’s war.

  1. America class

America class 2013

It is an American assault ship and it is larger than some of the aircraft carriers. The design was inspired from the wasp class but they have large hangar facilities which help it to house more aircraft below the decks. In 2014 it was commissioned to the United States Navy. This warship can serve as a small aircraft carrier and can hold a number of helicopters and VSTOL aircraft.

The first two America class ships were optimized to suite aviation they have no decks and cannot support amphibious assault. The marines are delivered at the shore by helicopters. This is quite beneficial to the troops since they are able to reach on time. It can support 1700marines and the equipment required to support them.

  1. Wasp-class amphibious assault ship

WASP class assault ship

It is a class of landing helicopter dock amphibious assault ship operated by the United States navy. All wasp-class ships are built by Ingall shipbuilding that is located in Mississippi. There are 8 wasp-class ships and the first was commissioned on 1989.

Wasp-class has 1894 marine detachment and a speed of 22knots.The design is that of Tarawa class with modifications to help it operate more advanced aircraft and landing craft. It is also amphibious since it can support landing by aircraft and by helicopter. It has various armament such a50bmg machine gun and to airframe missile launchers.

  1. Canberra class

Australian Navy ship Canberra class

It is an amphibious assault which is smaller than American ships. It was commissioned to the Australian navy in 2014. It was designed by a Spanish company and it can carry 1125 marines. It has two decks fir vehicles where one of the decks is suitable for small vehicles. It has four landing craft decks which are used for delivering troops and supply to the ship from the sore. The hangar accommodates 8 medium size helicopters and a room can be made for additional 10 helicopters.