TOP 3 Land Vehicles Used In War

It is a type of vehicle that has all land combat and transportation vehicles which is designed for the military forces. These vehicles they do have armor plates and off road capabilities. These vehicles are of various types such as the main battle tank, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, mine protected vehicles, light armored vehicles, light utility vehicles, combat engineering vehicles and self propelled artillery. The following is a list of three top land vehicles in today’s war.


  1. Puma

Puma land vehicle

It is a recent German design which was delivered to the German army in 2010.It has modular armor and has three operational levels to suits the needs of the combat. It is as heavier as an IFV. It can withstand a last that is equal to a TNT blast of 10 kilograms. It has a diesel powered engine developing a whooping of11073 horsepower. It has projectile of 120 and 125 mm on the front arc.

  1. K-21

K21 korea

It is a new infantry developed in South Korea. It is cheaper to build than most infantry vehicles and it has a multi-layer armor with glass fiber, ceramic and alloy aluminum. The front arc provides protection against 30mm armor piercing round. It can also be fitted with active protection system.

It has armors that have 40-mm cannon and 7.62 mm machine gun. It also has two indigenous developed ATGW launchers and an advanced fire control system. It has a light weight that can be attributed to the materials that make it. It is fully amphibious with the help of an automatic flotation flags. The flags can be activated before entering the water.

  1. Cv90

Combat Vehicle 90

It is a Sweden infantry vehicle which entered service in 1993. It is made from welded steel and the front arc can withstand 30-mm armor piercing rounds. It can also withstand mine blast of equivalent ten kilograms if TNT. The appliqué ceramic is added for protection against the 30 mm-armor.

It is armed with cannon of 40 mm and it has a 7.62 mm machine gun. It was designed to reduce the radar and infrared signatures. It does use the heat absorbing filters to get protection form thermal imaging and infrared cameras. It has a stealth movement since it is quiet.