TOP 3 Aircrafts Used In War

The air vehicles also known as the military aircraft help in conducting aerial warfare, national airlift and provision of logistical supply to forces stationed along a front. The air vehicles include bombers, fighters, transports, trainer aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft. Read on to know the top three air vehicles which are being used in today’s war.

  1. Fairchild republic A-10 Thunderbolt 2

A-10 thunderbolt

It is an American double engine, straight wing jet aircraft which was developed by the Fairchild- republic. It started service in 1976 and it is mainly known as warthog or hog. It provides close air support such as attacks in tanks, armored vehicles and other ground targets. Its secondary provision is forward air controller airborne support which is through directing other aircrafts in attacks which target are on the ground. Its life may be extended to 2028.

  1. Lockheed AC-130

Lockheed AC-130

It has a heavy armed gunship, long endurance on ground-target attacks it was manufacture by Lockheed Martin and Boeing is the one that converted it into a gunship and for aircraft support. It was developed during Vietnam War as a project gunship 2. It has a variety of anti-ground weapons which have sensors that make them very sophisticated. AC-130 relies on visual targeting since it has a huge profile and it operates on low altitude which makes it an easy target to enemies. It mainly flies at night to close air support. It has under gone a lot of modification that has made it more relevant in current wars and its life has been extended.

  1. Rockwell B-1 Lancer

B-1 Lancer

It is an American 4 engine and it has a supersonic variable-sweep wing, jet powered heavy strategic bomber and it’s known for its high speed. It was designed by Rockwell international and the production process was disrupted many times. It was first used in 1974 and its role is to provide supersonic heavy strategic bomber.