Most Common Machine Guns Used On Vehicles?

Q: Most Common Machine Guns Used On Vehicles?

A: There are basically only two types:

MK19 40mm Grenade Machine Gun

This is a self-powered, belt fed, air called blow back operated machine gun. The MK19 is design to deliver high quality job with uttermost accuracy and intense. This machine has a decisive power against lightly armored vehicles and enemies.

The MK19 is categorized as a heavy machine weapon and is usually in defensive and offensive operations and is a great weapon for combat service support units.

The MK19 came into existence after a product improvement program that was initiated in the late 70’s

This vehicle mounted machine replaces the M@ heavy machine weapon in given units and can be used as a suppressive weapon for combat service support units as well as combat support.

The ammunition for the MK19 comprises of a velocity of 40mm grenade cartridges in unique forms to handle a wide range of military operations. The most used round is cartridges, 40mm high explosives dual purpose, also know us HEDP M439A1. This round can kills in a five meter circle. And can wound in 48 feet circle (30 meter). Additionally, the HEDP M430A1 can penetrate up to 2 inches of armor.

This war weapon is quite heavy, and for that matter, it can only be transported over short distances with a very small number of ammunition. Most of the time, it is mounted on a vehicle. Here, it can provide support infantry or defense from a mobile army with many supplies of cartridges.

The MK19 was initially manufactured to provide the navy of the United States effective patrol of Riverine in Vietnam. The army first used the machine in 1989.

The MK19 can be mounted on the M113 APC, HMMWV, 5-ton trucks and a few types of M88A1 recovery war vehicles.

The company that manufacturers this gun is called General Dynamics, Saco Defense Industries In Saco.

The manual for the machine is 9-1010-230-10 FM 3-22.27 covers gunnery principles, techniques, training weapon capabilities and rules that apply to the weapon.

The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS)

The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station is also known as M153 CROWS 2 or M101 CROWS. It is a remote weapon station that was designed in American. The function of this sophisticated machine is to give the shooter the ability to shoot at the enemies while inside the vehicle. It has an armor that offers great protection.

The CROWS 2 is designed to fit on different types of vehicle platforms. It supports the MK19 grenade machine gun, M240B machine gun, 50 caliber M2 machine and M249 squad automatic weapon.

The CROWS 2 is made up of two parts. The first one is the mount which is fitted to the outside of the vehicle. The second one is the control group.

The mount is able to rotate 360 degrees. It also has a degree elevation from -20 to +60 and it is also gyro-stabilized.

The CROWS 2 is can also mount on different crew-served weapons such as M249 squad automatic weapon and Mk19 40-nm automatic grenade machine. It has a sight package that has a daylight video camera, an eye safe laser rangefinder and a thermal camera. It also features an integrated fire control system that gives ballistics corrections. The weapon has different weights, and they vary according to the modules of the armaments i.e. 135kg (298 lb), 74kg (163 lb) and 172kg (379 lb)

Behind the driver’s seat there is the control group mounts. The control group mount features a display, joystick and switches. The joystick acts as a remote that helps to control the weapon system. The enables the crew to operate from within the vehicle