What Are Most Popular Transportation Vehicles Of Modern War?

Q: What Are Most Popular Transportation Vehicles Of Modern War?

A: The following are some of the best vehicles that are used to transport soldiers in modern war:

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)

This is an American war vehicle that was designed to withstand improvised explosive device ambushes and attacks while the vehicle is on transit. It is an armored vehicle designed to counter land mine. This vehicle was first used in the Rhodesian Bush War. The machine was later improved with the introduction of the Casspir which had a South-African design. This vehicle inspired that Americans the US MRAP program. In 2012 the government of Unites States deployed over 12000 MRAPS to transport soldiers in the Afghanistan and Iraqi war. The MRAP was first introduced in the 70’s. It was initially built for the Rhodesian army and later developed for South Africa.

The MRAP has no specific design. This is because there are a number of vendors; each vendor has his own vehicle. The MRAP vehicles have a V shape to deflect explosives from landmines as well as IEDs underneath the vehicle, thereby protecting the vehicle itself and soldiers. The MRAP weigh about 18 tons and is 9 feet high.

The improvise vehicle armor

This particular vehicle is used to transport soldiers in modern battlefields. The improvise vehicle armor has been used in many battlefields all around the world. They are some of the oldest vehicles for transporting soldiers during war. The vehicle was used in World War 2 by the US.


This is also a vehicle that is used to transport soldiers during war. The TG-MIL was manufactured by Rheinmental Man Military Vehicle Company. The vehicle features a GCW of 19t as well as a payload of up to 11.5t. The TGS-ML version features a 6*6 for higher payloads.

Light strike vehicle

This is a military vehicle that is used to ferry soldier when patrolling. The Light Strike Vehicle 4*4 is a fast attack machine that is specially designed to carry special forces and has seats for only three passengers ( he driver, commander and a gunman), and a fourth soldier or a stretcher. The vehicle has a range of between 800 and 1200 km off-road. It also has a GCW of 2690kg as well as a payload of 1040. The vehicle is also armored with ceramic composite materials and aramid mats. Also, it can be transported by C-130.