Overview On Modern Humvees

Humvee is also known as high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV). It is the modern day jeep that is used in the military for all purposes. It is four wheeled drive that has an automatic transmission and uses diesel power. It can be used in any terrain and it has various configurations such as troop carrier, command vehicle, ambulance, weapons and an automatic grenade launcher.

The standard humvee makes it safer than the jeep it replaced. The Iraq uses the guerilla tactic and the borne improvised explosive devices the two tactics have led to destroying many humvees. Humvees are prone to AK-47 when in a close range and RPGs which has led to the killing of many American militants. This has caused a lot of controversy for the humvee.

When militants are planning for an urban warfare they do use the humvee as part of occupying force. Humvees were never designed for front line combat; it was designed to protect the militants from indirect weapons and far away fire. In Iraq there is no front line and everywhere is a combat zone. The use of humvees by the United States militants has led to using of many armor vehicles which were not meant for war so that they can supplement the humvees. Yet the humvees are not designed for supplement armor since it will lead to mechanical problem due to the weight and wear problems. This makes the militants more prone to the guerilla tactics.

The controversy if humvee in Iraq is not due to the inherent shortcomings in the vehicle. It is the heavy reliance of the humvee yet the militants can use other well equipped vehicles such as Bradley and Abrams tank. The United States militants are in the final stage of humvee successor program which is called John light tactical vehicle. This will help in making the militants to be able to deal with the guerilla tactics being applied in Iraq. Humvee had the right strength for its era the current warfare tactics being employed are more advanced than the capabilities of the humvee.

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