Featured Article: Sighting Systems Used By War Vehicles

Although soldiers and infantry unit are using traditional and proven best rifle scopes available like ACOGs and Leupold long-distance scopes, vehicles need even more advanced sighting systems and optics for being accurate. In following article we break down the most advanced and up to date optic technologies.

The HISS and S150 are detachable thermal sights that feature standard optical scopes (15X). These optical scopes act like eyepiece. The best thing about these weapon sights is that you can easily attach and reattach the without interfering with anything. This feature helps to improve tactical flexibility as well as operator performance.

Also, both the Thermosight S150 and S100 are very light. They way less than 4 pounds and can function for more than seven hours using CR-123A batteries.

Features of these weapon sights include:

  • 150 or 240 mm long range optics
  • Video output
  • Rugged and field tested
  • Operates on standard CR-123A batteries
  • Compatible with standard scope of up to 15X
  • Lightweight
  • High sensitivity mid wave thermal imaging


Benefits of using the Thermosight HISS

Termosight HISS

With this machine, you can be able to see targets even at night in the darkest night; you can also see targets through fog, smoke and even extreme obscurants you can see the targets that are at a distance of up to 2000 meters. The sight system weights 1.59 kilograms and it is highly portable. This machine was mainly designed for battle field. It has been successfully tested by experts including .50 ca. The machine offers additional tactical flexibility It is easy to attach and re-attach.


The benefits of Thermosight T70 and T75 are:

thermosight T-70

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These sight systems are used for long and short ranges. It is a portable reconnaissance scope. Bot the T75 and T70 are design to work with interfaces like Trijicon ACOG.

The sights system allows you to continue being in control of the muzzle while you adjust the sigh. The machines are compatible with all types of 1913 Mil-Std System. The joystick helps you to target the enemy with precisions. The joystick is places on the thumb of the operator or remotely through a control pad allow you to change and control the sight while keeping your hands on triggers, rails, grip and ammo-belts.

The T70 and the T75 have the FLIR. The FLIR control the supply chain on the crucial technology, and thus making sure fast service as well as long term support.

The T79 and T75 reduce impact on the host weapon and ensure that the operator is not fatigued. The sight systems are made for high operating environments and can withstand thousands of bullets of a rapid gun shock.

The sight systems allow you to see through the darkness, smoke, fog and even dust. Also, the Thermosight has an ultra-wide SR that is also narrow to increase awareness as well as enhance the identification of the target respectively.

Features of T75 and T70 include:

  • In line design
  • They are simple to use and easy to detach the locking throw lever
  • They both have dual control modes
  • They are lightweight and small in size
  • They also features bellows eye cup
  • They contains the ergonomic user-interfaces
  • The machines also feature long-wave thermal imaging sensors
  • They have FLIR inside


MilSight T130


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This sight system is an advanced universal night sight (with dual band) that works well with standard sights. The sight features an intensified night vision to provide high quality image and an adjustable blending of thermal image.

The sight system was used to carry out multiple purposed, it is small in size and very light to carry. It’s also easy to operate and hence very ideal for night time close combat operations

Features of the MilSight T130-D includes:

  • It has FLIR inside
  • It has many uses
  • It has an intensified night vision and an adjustable blending of thermal image
  • It is compatible with other standard sights
  • It is lightweight and small in size